Why Fast Food Workers Should Really Protest – Via NetRightDaily

Today’s article brought to you by Americans for Limited Government’s NetRightDaily blog. By David Bozeman. Originally published Dec. 6, 2013.

Fast food workers, prodded on by a top down effort by union organizers, yesterday protested in many locations demanding a minimum wage of at least $15 an hour and, of course, union representation, among other demands.  Kendall Fells, representing the SEIU-backed Fast Food Forward, immediately cited industry profits to justify his group’s demands.

How revealing that the first remark out of his mouth was the left’s most timeworn cliché.  How sadder still is the economic morale five years into the era of transformation, good will, “stimulus,” hope and change.

Nothing written here is meant to disparage those fast food workers who do indeed struggle between paychecks.  But the pay and preponderance of entry-level service jobs is not the weight on American prosperity, it is the lack of higher-paying positions, many lost in the Great Recession that have not been replaced.

Among other factors, the American economy is saddled with leadership that remains hostile to job creation.  The Obama Administration’s “you didn’t build that” mentality both reflects and eggs on a seething hostility to “evil” corporations and those “lucky” enough to have sustained small business ownership.  Simply, why should businesses invest under conditions hostile not only to their growth but sometimes to their very existence (for instance, the energy producers and the health insurance industry)?

Fortunately, fast food work, even today, is still a transitory means of employment, a field mostly of teenagers, college students and those needing just part-time wages.  Rather than a sentence, a stint at McDonald’s offers pay, experience and a step up.  Those who have to settle for fast food work to support themselves and their families deserve a free and competitive job market.  But, policy aside, what is most heartbreakingly absent today, what those fast food workers need in large doses, is hope.

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