Update: SEIU Forced by NLRB to Leave Chapman Medical Center

Following the NLRB investigation of SEIU coercion at the Chapman Medical Center we previously posted about, the NLRB has signed a settlement between the SEIU and Chapman for the SEIU to remove their representation. As we’ve said before, this is a victory for workers who would otherwise be forced into paying dues they didn’t want to pay to go to a union they didn’t support.

Mark Mix, the president of the National Right to Work group who provided legal services for Chapman’s employees, had this to say:

Schemes like this show that the ultimate goal of union officials is more forced dues collected from workers, even when rank-and-file employees want nothing to do with the union.

From the SEIU’s actions here, Mix’s statement has an undeniable ring of truth. As we’ve discussed before, the SEIU appears to be moving from a system of employee representation to a mechanism for the union’s leadership to continue to collect dues from as many groups as possible with a minimum of expense.

This time, the employees were able to stand up and have the union removed from their work. As to whether the next group of employees will be so fortunate, that’s up to groups like NRTW and others. The SEIU certainly seems not to be changing course any time soon.