SEIU-Backed Group Uses Hurricane to Raise Money

SEIU has given over a million dollars to the Texas Organizing Project Education Fund, a liberal group looking “to organize low-income communities of color.” After Hurricane Harvey struck, the organization saw an opportunity to vacuum up relief funds from donors. One of the services it planned to provide to hurricane victims was “advocacy.” But while it was raising money, it claimed not to know exactly how it was going to spend the money and said it wouldn’t know “until after the floods recede.”

The group also promised to be transparent. We’ll have to wait and see, but given SEIU’s huge role in funding the outfit and given SEIU’s staunch opposition to transparency, it seems unlikely that promise will be kept.

It all seems just a bit shady. If this group really wants to raise money to launch angry protests against businesses or governments struggling to deal with a massive disaster, then why not just be upfront about it? Maybe because they’re worried it would hurt fundraising.

In the future, if some random group you’ve never heard of is suddenly interested in doing relief work after a natural disaster, you might just want to steer clear of them and give your money elsewhere.



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