We all know that having an AC unit will make the indoor experience better and more comfortable. When you are living in a hotter region, you know how heat can create a lot of annoyance when you are just chilling inside your home. Everything you do, you sweat, and more exposure to a warm environment makes you easily stink.  

When it comes to purchasing an AC unit, there are many options the customers are provided with as well as brands they need to choose from. All AC units have features that you need to take into consideration. However, you need to make sure that the brand you are purchasing is durable and long-lasting. If, by chance, your unit becomes damaged, the air conditioning repair Vaughan professional service is always there to help you with the issues at an affordable price.  

Here, we feature the top brands in America that you can choose from when you are still planning of purchase: 

1.American Standards 

This brand is one of the best AC unit brands that produce the excellent and trusted quality of products available in the market. The average costs when you install this unit can be between ranges of $3,600 and $4,200.  

According to our survey, this company has a lower repair calls which indicated the quality of their products. The unit is very reliable and it makes lower maintenance costs beside all convenience that a good AC unit provides. 


Carrier is popular not just in America but also around the globe. There is no wonder why most people call it the top one brand when it comes to air-cooling systems ad units. Their HVAC systems and their units are built under the strict quality standards of their company that surpass other standards. When it comes to installation, it can cost up to $4,783, which is not a lot when you consider the durability, high-quality service, and the comfort it provides. The company also offers many options and choices to their customers making it easier to find the best and most suited AC unit for their houses.  

It has the highest rating among other brands and it is known to have highly qualified and trained technicians and durable units. Also, their maintenance and repairs are more affordable compared to other companies and services. Their warranty can last up to ten years.  


This company also offers a very good warranty of up to ten years that covers both parts and labor. When it comes to installation, it could cost an average of $3,5000 or $6,800 depending on the area and the unit you wish to be installed. It is a premium brand and their product are more costly than the others. It also has a good rating form the customers as it offers great quality units and low running costs.  


This brand also manufactures high-quality units and offer excellent quality service. Thye are also know because they cheaper compared to the brands while still being able to provide units with quality 

When you are planning on installing an AC unit, make sure that you hire a professional company. Also, choose the brand that is the most durable for lesser repair costs.