Thankless SEIU 32BJ Members Strike Airports for Thanksgiving Flights

SEIU Local 32BJ led a Thanksgiving-timed poverty wage strike at LaGuardia Airport, precipitating Fort Lauderdale, Philadelphia, Boston, JFK, and Newark strikes

Via SEIU 32BJ, striking union members may be a common sight at airports across the country this Thanksgiving.

Via SEIU 32BJ, striking union members may be a common sight at airports across the country this Thanksgiving.

As Americans across the country gather with friends and family for Thanksgiving, one thing will definitely not be on the list of things they’re grateful for: delays at the airport. However, that’s exactly what the SEIU Local 32BJ will be leaving them with at major air terminals across the country. Starting with LaGuardia Airport, SEIU members are protesting what they see as “poverty wages:”

On Tuesday, Nov. 12, as Americans were about to enter the busy holiday travel season, New York Area airport service workers gathered at LaGuardia Airport to call attention to the prevalence of poverty wages and poor working conditions that they say are creating a crisis for workers and the traveling public at the airports.

And the SEIU will not be stopping at disrupting air travel at one airport. As they say in the infomercials, “but wait, there’s more:”

Attention now turns to airports like the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL), Philadelphia International Airport, Boston’s Logan Airport, the John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport in New York and Newark Liberty International Airport, where airport workers are also demanding higher standards for wages and benefits.

The SEIU is continuing their fascinating tactic of “we hate you, so join us”- causing headaches, delays and potential missed flights for thousands of Americans who only want to see their families. Despite it’s more recent prevalence, this tactic has been seen to fail across the country, as union membership continues to decline for the SEIU and their approval ratings continue to plummet.

Particularly fascinating from the SEIU article is the evidence they cite for their “poverty wages.” The UC Berkeley Labor Center report they cite says that “average hourly real wages across both directly-hired and outsourced workers declined by 45 percent, from over $19 an hour to $10.60 (in 2012 dollars).” This is still above the $10.10 minimum wage the SEIU was pushing for just 5 months ago- which we’ve already explained would do irreparable harm to workers. Apparently even the $10.10 the SEIU previously advocated counts as a “poverty wage” now.

The SEIU also makes the incredulous claim that their jobs are being done more poorly because of their “poverty wages.” Ben Shapiro at Breitbart easily deflates this claim, citing a Airline Quality Ratings report claiming a continued improvement in performance over the last 4 years. This proves the only thing standing between employees and good customer service is the SEIU.

The fact the SEIU continues their tactic of punishing the population for perceived punitive pay by their employers proves their tone-deafness. These tactics, far from endearing potential support, only further demonstrates their incompetence and disconnect with reality. The SEIU thinks that their bad behavior will reflect poorly on their employers, not themselves. But as public opinion and membership rates show, the egg is ending up only on their own faces.

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