SEIU to Spend $300,000 in Dues for Immigration Reform Ads

In what would seem to be the promotion of a natural enemy, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is launching TV ads to promote a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants:

The Service Employees International Union will begin to air $300,000 in ads nationwide on Wednesday to call for a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

“Our immigration system is broken, and Congress has a chance to fix it the fair and accountable way, with back taxes paid, English learned and a real path to citizenship,” a voice says in the ad. “No half measures. Let’s fix it once and for all.”

Naturally, one would assume that unions like the SEIU would be naturally opposed to increased immigration, particularly when unemployment is high. Increase in competition for labor means lower pay and less opportunities. In fact, the inverse has been proven- immigration to the United States has significantly dropped since the economy has been suffering.

An influx of new workers will necessarily decrease the ability for workers as a whole to demand more pay- something the SEIU also seems to want. It doesn’t make economic sense that the SEIU would simultaneously try to increase wages while increasing the work-seeking population, unless the increased pay or population could advantage them directly somehow.

It could be that the SEIU is not as concerned with the employment or pay of their workers as much as they are concerned with the fact that they can more easily recruit dues-paying members. Immigrants can represent an easier target for unions like the SEIU to prey upon, as they know less about the union or appropriate working conditions most employers offer.

The SEIU is much more concerned with the opportunities that immigrants can bring to their coffers rather than what happens to their existing union members. Even with higher unemployment, their business model remains the same- get as many union members sending in monthly dues as possible. And they’re not afraid to spend their member’s due’s money in the process.

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