Is SEIU Serious about Sexual Harassment?

Tyrék D. Lee Sr., an SEIU official from Massachusetts, was accused of sexually harassing female coworkers and subordinates. It was alleged that he rubbed women’s arms, shoulders, and backs, sent women lewd emails and text messages, and exposed himself and urinated in public in front of female coworkers. Lee’s offensive behavior continued over the course of several years.

The people [with knowledge of the allegations], who spoke with the Globe on the condition of anonymity, said Lee pursued sexual relationships with female co-workers by employing behavior that went beyond typical flirting; in text and e-mail messages, he sometimes used vulgar language about sexual acts he wanted to perform with them. They said Lee’s pursuit of colleagues included women who were younger and subordinate to him, putting the women in the difficult position of dating — or rejecting — a superior.

In addition to interviews, the Globe reviewed notes, e-mails, and other records included in the investigation into Lee’s behavior…

At work, Lee openly talked about women’s appearances, commenting on how he liked their hair or how “hot” their bodies were, the people said.

Rather than firing Lee, he’s been reassigned; and SEIU only took this limited action after the Boston Globe wrote about the scandal.

Furthermore, the response of some other SEIU employees to the scandal has also been disturbing. While the union tried to figure out what to do with Lee, an SEIU staffer referred to #metoo activists as “WHORES” in a Facebook post. That post was liked by another SEIU official.

Shortly after the Boston Globe published an article outlining allegations against Lee, SEIU1199 Massachusetts staffer Teia Searcy posted on Facebook  that “the whole #metoo s**t GOT the WHORES coming out” and added an emoji featuring a hand with a middle finger raised and the hashtag #karmaisab***h.

The post describing #metoo activists was liked on facebook by Senior Vice President for SEIU1199 United Healthcare Workers East Veronica Turner. Turner previously held Lee’s job before promoting him to Executive Director when she was promoted to Senior VP for the multistate SEIU1199 United Healthcare Workers East.


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