SEIU Officer Slams Union for Neglecting Members

In an opinion piece, SEIU officer Avery T. Horton, Jr. slams unions in general, and SEIU in particular. He believes that unions are overly generous with their compensation packages for union bosses and staff and that they focus too much on politics and social justice while neglecting union members. He argues that the Janus decision will be good for union members because it will force unions to spend more carefully and pay attention to the concerns of members.

Unions across the country see the Janus decision as a threat to their existence…

In reality, Janus prevailing is a blessing in disguise — a correction that was long overdue. Unions were born to work towards better and safer working conditions, and better wages and compensation for their members, not for union bosses and staff. In the 21st Century, unions have turned away from their core reasons for existence and instead have involved themselves — and members’ dues — in just about every political social justice cause under the sun. They also used member dues to pad their pockets with yearly salary and benefit increases but gave nothing back to dues-paying members.

In Oregon, SEIU Local 503 spends millions of dollars of members’ dues on political activities while members are left waiting as many as seven days to get their calls returned. That’s just one example of the inefficiencies and misplaced priorities.


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