SEIU,, Planned Parenthood Defend Obamacare

The Service Employees International Union joins two partisan powerhouses pushing Obamacare- a policy hiking healthcare costs on their members, causing strikes
SEIU Endorses Obamacare

SEIU Endorses Obamacare

The SEIU was beside itself with the passage of Obamacare, releasing statements about how wonderful it was, even as concerns mounted about potential issues. However, the impact of the policy wasn’t necessarily good for their local unions, as Obamacare raised healthcare costs for local union members.

And yet, the SEIU marched on, even using member’s dues money to pay people off to protest for Obamacare, a practice they frequently accuse their opponents of using called “astroturf.” And it seems they’re going to double down on Obamacare with even more money and membership drives. Via Weaselzippers:

Planned Parenthood Action, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and are teaming up in an effort to boost the law, and to boost officials who backed it.

SEIU leadership clearly believes Obamacare is best for their membership, despite the fact that their members are seeing a direct cost increase specifically because of the policy. SEIU International is spending their dues money to defend policies costing their membership money. Then, instead of taking responsibility, they call for their membership to strike against their employers to make up the difference.

This reckless policy hawking not only harms their membership, but undermines their case that the SEIU has the best intentions for their members. Rather than advocating for policies that work for their membership, they are letting partisan politics run their advocacy. This is one more sign the leadership is out of touch with their membership, and should be replaced.

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