SEIU Members Determined to Break Free

fresno beeSome California SEIU members are voting once again on decertification. Why must they vote again? Because SEIU used a technicality to overturn the result of the last decertification election, which the union lost by over 16 points. Of course, by overturning the election result, SEIU was able to continue collecting dues from unwilling union members. What was the technicality that SEIU seized upon to overturn the election? The union was unhappy because ballots were accidentally mailed four days early to union members. Although there has been an effort to decertify SEIU for several years, SEIU ridiculously claimed that the four days were “critical” to its campaign.

[Eulalio] Gomez and his supporters want to leave SEIU because they are concerned about the larger union’s efforts in social justice protests, many of which they contend oppose law enforcement officers or promoting minimum wage at large protests outside the area.

Gomez said members in other units within SEIU also are considering breaking away.

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