SEIU Member Admits Union Used Measure M as Bargaining Chip

Kary Lynch, a SEIU-UHW union steward, has stepped forward admitting that “Measure M,” a class-warfare style measure to cap executive salaries at a district council, was merely used as a bargaining chip used to pressure the board to allow, among other things,  a no-cost premium health plan for the employees.

When asked, Kary Lynch was refreshingly honest about the SEIU’s tactics:

Suprisingly enough, Kary Lynch — a psychiatric technician and union official for the SEIU-UHW — said that Measure M originally was intended only to influence the outcome of labor contract talks with El Camino.

Lynch said, “Truthfully, the measure was initially proposed as a bargaining chip in the negotiating process,” adding, “We picked salaries because it was something that resonated with the voters.”

The SEIU leadership were quick to disavow his statement, saying that he was not an official spokesman, even though Lynch had often spoken to newspapers on behalf of the union. They issued a statement undermining Lynch as a spokesman. To understand why the SEIU responded so vehemently, some history is in order:

That dispute began in 2010 when the hospital board imposed a contract on hospital workers. The biggest sticking point in that contract was the elimination of a free health care plan. In May of 2012 Measure M qualified to appear on the Nov. 6 ballot, thanks in large part to a push from the SEIU-UHW who sent people out into the community to gather signatures for the initiative.

In the early stages of Measure M, Lynch and others in support of the initiative said the salary cap was about creating parity between the top administrators and the most entry level workers at the hospital.

In September it was announced that the SEIU-UHW had reached an agreement with the hospital on a new contract that restored the free health care plan option.

But as the Nov. 6 election drew near, campaign reports reviewed by Voice showed that the SEIU-UHW had spent no money promoting the measure.

What is particularly poignant was that after the SEIU-UHW got a new contract, their support for Measure M dropped to zero. When asked about it, the official reply was that “priorities shifted”- but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Lynch’s refreshing honesty- saying that the measure was a bargaining chip- exposes the real nature of the SEIU at large.

Far from being an isolated case, this seems to be the modus operandi for the SEIU- when the management of a company denies the union some kind of benefit, the SEIU turns out in full force to attack the company leadership and even the company brand until management gives in. Rather than promoting their cause and advocating for the benefits they think are necessary, they use any kind of attack they can find to attack the company and its leaders until they get what they want. We call it the “We hate you- so join us” theory of union organizing.

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This is a bad move for the SEIU. By focusing on sticks instead of carrots, they hurt businesses who would otherwise be more amenable to their cause. When unemployment is hurting record numbers, the SEIU should be focused on making friends, not enemies.

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