SEIU Loses Long-Running Fight

For three years, SEIU tried to unionize the University of Minnesota. After countless meetings and an unsuccessful legal battle, that effort has now failed. The faculty group pushing for unionization announced last month that it had decided to cut its ties to SEIU. While SEIU failed in its campaign, it did succeed in generating quite a bit of opposition — over 500 university employees signed a letter from Faculty Excellence, a group opposing SEIU’s effort.

Maybe college professors are finally waking up to the fact that SEIU is a top-down organization with huge locals that are unaccountable to their members.

Some were skeptical that Minnesota’s SEIU — which represents about 58,300 Minnesota and Wisconsin workers in industries including manufacturing and health care — could adequately represent faculty, partly because of its limited experience with higher education.

“Why bring in people who actually don’t know how the university is running?” said chemistry professor Philippe Buhlmann. “I was worried that we would actually make things worse by adding to an existing administration . and make things even slower than they are.”

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