SEIU Local 721 Steals Employee Data, Gets Restraining Order

SEIU-Local-721-Restraining-Order-SBPEAThe Service Employees International Union SEIU Local 721 stole personnel information from San Bernardino Public Employees Association to harass employees

It seems that the SEIU Local 721 has taken their notoriously aggressive tactics to the next level:

The SEIU, illegally, took the private personnel information of San Bernardino County employees—email address, cell phone number, home addresses and more—to contact them, demanding, threatening and harassing the workers…

What’s more, the SEIU had a restraining order filed and granted against them:

Today San Bernardino County Superior Court Judge Thomas Peterson granted a temporary restraining order requested by San Bernardino Public Employees Association (SBPEA) against the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). SEIU is conducting a decertification campaign against SBPEA to become the collective bargaining representative for more than 11,000 San Bernardino County employees.

In the SEIU Local 721’s attempt to poach San Bernadino’s employees from the SBPEA, it appears they illegally obtained personal home addresses and phone numbers of current SBPEA members. Despite the fact that this information supposed to be confidential, the employees started getting phone calls and mailers from the SEIU. These employees claimed that the communications from the SEIU.

Below is a copy of the restraining order:

  SEIU Local 721 SBPEA San Bernadino Restraining Order

From the document:

SEIU . . . [is] restrained and enjoined from using and disclosing to anyone Plaintiff’s members’ confidential personal information (including, but not limited to, home addresses, home and personal phone numbers, and emergency contact information) that was obtained from the County San Bernardino’s employee records whether such information was obtained from the County of San Bernardino from SEIU, obtained from the County of San Bernardino by any of SEIU’s agents or employees, or obtained from the County of San Bernardino by a third party and provided to SEIU.”

This is not the first time an outside union has attempted to poach workers from the SBPEA. In August of 2013, the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) also attempted to decertify the SBPEA. They were not successful.

The SEIU Local 721’s attempt to decertify the SBPEA shows that they are still more intent on growing by annex rather than growing by appeal. Harassing people into joining your union does not turn them into fans of the organization. While they may ultimately vote your way, they will still harbor resentment that can undermine the long term goals of the organization.

What’s more, this means that the SEIU is spending their resources at gaining new members by force, rather than ensuring that their own members are taken care of. If the union were to spend half of the money used to harass potential members on taking care of their own members, they may be able to have a better case to make when trying to get new members. But this approach seems to have fallen by the wayside.

Ultimately, the SEIU’s strategy is failing, and will continue to fail. The overall size of the SEIU is shrinking. Rather than facing the underlying issues of corruption, mismanagement and scandal, they double down on them. Breaking the law again follows a terrible precedent that sadly the SEIU seems bent on not changing anytime soon.

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