SEIU Local 617 President: Tax Money to Fake Company “Depends on Democrats being in Office”

James O’Keefe, made famous for exposing the organizing group ACORN’s involvement in illegal activity, has published a new video, this time exposing the SEIU. A secret recording captured SEIU Local 617 president Rahaman Muhammad’s complicity in using federal money for wasteful and pointless organizations to literally dig holes and fill them back up.

If you listen carefully, Muhammad is explaining the SEIU’s relationship with Democrat politicians. In his own words, “union dues fund elected officials who support working people”- in this case “working people” whose only job is to dig holes and fill them up. Organizations like ones O’Keefe describes get the support of legislators, but it “depends on Democrats being in office.”

Specifically, Democrats like Senator Robert Menendez “get support from the union” for their support of SEIU-organized jobs. According to Muhammad, with SEIU’s support, “Menendez gonna be like ‘Oh, for real? SEIU? Oh good, great!’

Project Veritas, O’Keefe’s organization, sent out an email explaining the impact of this collusion:

Since 2005, labor unions have reported spending $4.4 billion dollars on political activity, with the vast majority of that money going to Democrats like Robert Menendez – despite the fact that half of SEIU members identify as Republicans or Independents!

Besides an obvious conflict of interest, the worst part about the financial arrangement between unions and elected officials is that much of the money going into campaign coffers comes from compulsory member dues.

In other words, union members are forced to pay for political candidates or activities they may not even support.

As we’ve stated before, according to Mary Kay Henry, President of the SEIU, about 30% of SEIU members vote Republican, and an additional 20% are independents. They should be very concerned about this kind of “pay-for-play” bargaining done on their behalf.

If the SEIU wants to be taken seriously as an organization, they need to do more than show concern for supporting Democrats who promote their initiatives. They need to be concerned about wasteful spending and government programs- after all, SEIU members pay those taxes as well.

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