SEIU Giving Up on Fight for $15?

Several years ago, SEIU started its Fight for $15 (and a union) Astroturf campaign. As one of the former leaders of the campaign admitted, not a lot of research or thought went into setting the $15 minimum wage goal. The campaign has targeted Walmart, McDonalds, and Burger King. But after spending tens of millions of dollars of its members’ money, SEIU still hasn’t unionized any of those companies. Now, it appears that SEIU is cutting funding for the project.

Of course, this news follows on the heels of the sexual harassment scandal that rocked SEIU and the Fight for $15 campaign. That scandal led to the resignation or firing of Scott Courtney, an SEIU vice president; Kendall Fells, the national organizing director of the Fight for $15; Caleb Jennings, the leader of the Chicago Fight for $15 chapter; and Mark Raleigh, the leader of the Detroit Fight for $15 chapter.

One wonders what SEIU’s next scheme will be to spend millions of dollars that it’s collected from the paychecks of janitors, window cleaners, bus drivers, etc.

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