SEIU Forces Itself on Workers

SEIU forced itself onto workers at a New York hospital, who had opposed unionization. In a backroom deal, Northwell Health agreed to unionize the workers without even holding a vote, and SEIU even started grabbing money from the paychecks of the workers.

Unfortunately for SEIU, an assistant physical therapist, Kathleen Flanagan, filed an unfair labor practice complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Flanagan was pushed into early retirement as a result of the backroom agreement between company and union officials to impose unionization on her department. If she had remained an employee, she would have been required to accept union representation, pay union fees, and accept a reduction in benefits.

At a mandatory union orientation, a SEIU 1199 union official unlawfully told the workers they were required to join the union, and therefore pay full union dues…


Facing the prospect of paying union fees for worse benefits, it’s no surprise that Flanagan didn’t support the union. Why would anyone agree to pay union dues or fees for worse benefits?

Flanagan filed her NLRB complaint with assistance from the National Right to Work Foundation. To settle her complaint, the company agreed to stop recognizing the union as the workers’ representative, and SEIU will have to refund the dues money that it did collect. In the future, maybe SEIU should spend more time finding ways to help its members and less time scheming to try to force people to join and pay dues.


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