SEIU Dues Spent to Fight Sexual Harassment Allegations

Is this an appropriate use of SEIU members’ money?

Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan [D-Chicago] has spent nearly $900,000 defending his political machine against federal sexual harassment and retaliation claims, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. On Dec. 3 his $275,000 settlement with the plaintiff, Alaina Hampton, became public. Hampton had accused former Madigan employee Kevin Quinn of bombarding her with unwanted texts seeking a romantic relationship.

But that money doesn’t solely come out of Madigan’s pocket. Instead, he’s paying for the settlement plus $600,000 in legal fees through his election committee, Friends of Michael J. Madigan.

That committee is heavily funded by government unions… Together, SEIU Healthcare’s and SEIU Illinois Council’s political action committees funneled $113,200 to Friends of Michael J. Madigan and an additional $334,600 to other Madigan committees in October.

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