SEIU Doesn’t Care about Kids

fox 10SEIU busdrivers in Connecticut decided to go on strike leaving the families of thousands of students to scramble to try to find a transportation solution.

As a result of the strike, hundreds of students missed school and a pregnant mother had to walk her child to school over a long distance.

A dispute between the DATTCO Bus Company and its union drivers left thousands of Hartford school children without a ride to school on Tuesday.

Hartford police were on scene early Tuesday as several bus drivers on strike blocked school buses from leaving a bus yard on Main Street.

The protest left school children and parents stranded.

“[I’m] angry,” said Doriangelyd Sanchez, a mother. “They not thinking about the children, they thinking about themselves.”

While school was still on for the day, Hartford Public Schools officials said 2,100 students in grades kindergarten through eighth were absent. It’s an absenteeism rate of 15 percent.

That meant the attendance rate was 85 percent for Tuesday, which is lower than the 93 percent average.

Sanchez’s son, Daniel Fernandez, wasn’t able to take the bus Tuesday morning. She said she had take a long walk with him to school while pregnant.

Officials said one school, A.I. Prince High School, had to close for the day.

Parents and students told Eyewitness News that the stoppage upset them.

Dattco’s statement from Monday had some strong words about the work stoppage.

“They have placed their unions agenda ahead of the safety of the school children of the Hartford Public Schools,” the statement read. “We consider this to be a careless and selfish act and not in the best interest of our loyal and professional employees or the Hartford public schools.”

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