SEIU Caught Muscling In on Disneyland Resort Workers Local 50 Union

Is the Service Employees International Union trying to take over Mickey Mouse’s turf? Local 50 Culinary Workers called the police on the SEIU after a standoff.

The SEIU has a new target in their crosshairs- the Local 50 Service Workers Union for the Anaheim, California Disneyland Resort. And this time, they’re not taking no for an answer

A flyer distributed by Local 50 accuses the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) of attempting to take over the facility as well as bank account funds.
The finger was pointed at Edgar Romney of Workers United, an SEIU affiliate, who allegedly came to the 527 S. Harbor Blvd. office of Local 50 demanding the keys to the building as well as the names and personal information of union members so that they could be contacted. Alongside SEIU supporters, he was met by Sandi Eckland and other Local 50 executive board members who denied them access to all that was being demanded.
The Anaheim Police Department was even called to intervene in the standoff.

This kind of brute force intimidation tactic is unfortunately not uncommon with the SEIU. However it probably came as a shock to the members of the Local 50 Food Service Workers. They claim on their flyer that they are disaffiliated with the SEIU and Workers United, and have been since 2004.

See the flyer below (click to expand):

Anaheim Local 50 SEIU Invasion Flyer

According to the Local 50’s Facebook page, Workers United/SEIU followed up the disaffiliation by trying to get Disneyland Resort to continue to recognize their leadership. That effort failed. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop SEIU goons from showing up and flyering, trying to sow seeds of discontent and misinformation.

Now, the Local 50 is fighting back, filing a lawsuit for violations of the LMRDA (The Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959). The charges were for Recission; Breach of the Contract of Good Faith and Fair Dealing as well as Declaratory and Injunctive Relief. Their statement is below:

Local 50 has filed a lawsuit against SEIU/Workers United to defend our rights to disaffiliate and to retain our assets. Only after we exercised our rights, did SEIU/WU try and “trustee” our local. They accused us of financial malpractice because we continued to pay for Sandi and Jason to represent you with your dues money. They also accused of financial malpractice for paying for the lawsuit to enforce our rights. We will continue to represent you and fight for you despite their lies and slanderous statements.

Local 50 Food Service Workers are to be commended for standing up for their rights as a separate union, despite facing intimidation. The SEIU is a formidable foe, and has been known to continue a fight beyond reasonability.

The SEIU Monitor will continue to monitor this story and bring you the latest updates.

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