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Public Servants Inconvenience the Public

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press democratIn California, SEIU members who work for a county government inconvenienced locals by going on strike.

Officials said all county offices will remain open during the strike, but the public should expect significant delays in service because many rank-and-file employees are striking. At the Permit and Resource Management Department, for example, 80 of its 110 workers are SEIU members, according to department officials.

Other health and administrative offices were experiencing delays in service, according to the county.

Nancy Kenneally, a real estate broker in Santa Rosa, said she is closing escrow on two properties this week and is concerned that bare staffing at the Clerk-Recorder’s Office will delay the home purchases.

“They usually have three recorders, and today they just had one,” Kenneally said Tuesday. “We plan these things out, so if something doesn’t record, the delay could possibly stop somebody from moving into their new home. Buying and selling homes is a big time business so we’re stressed out.”