NLRB Wants Alleged SEIU Nursing Home Saboteurs Reinstated

The National Labor Relations Board is requesting that striking SEIU District 1199 members, including some who allegedly sabotaged Connecticut nursing home center HealthBridge, be returned to work:

The NLRB, which is responsible for enforcing workers’ rights, is asking U.S. District Judge Robert Chatigny to force HealthBridge to take back nearly 700 striking workers. The workers walked out in July after the company unilaterally cut benefits and terminated the pension while increasing wages 2.2 percent.

These are the same striking SEIU members who left a trail of carnage among their elderly patients as they left their work to strike against the nursing home center. According to Healthbridge, the SEIU’s sabotage was dangerous and would potentially endanger patients:

SEIU District 1199 employees committed “multiple illegal and dangerous acts against Center residents.”
…The director of the facility in Newington, Conn., told police that “the name tags on the patients’ doors for the Alzheimer’s ward were mixed up. The photos attached to the medical records for these patients were removed, further complicating, but not making impossible, the identification of the patients. Also, dietary blue stickers affixed to the door name tags were removed.” Some medical equipment also went missing.

If true, the SEIU has seriously crossed a line here. With the wrong dietary information, patients could be prescribed medication or given food which could seriously harm or kill them. With their actions, SEIU members have put the lives of the elderly in jeopardy because of a labor dispute. This is beyond the pale.

At a bare minimum, it is irresponsible for the NLRB to advocate putting SEIU members back on the job after they have directly jeopardized the lives of those they were entrusted to protect. The SEIU’s behavior is reprehensible, and time will tell whether those who took part in the actions will see justice for their actions.

The SEIU needs to take a stand against those actions, and attempt to make sure those who took part are brought to justice. If they do not, they can be seen as accomplices to the crimes, and readers would be well advised to make sure none of their loved ones are in SEIU-run nursing homes lest this situation repeats itself.

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