New York AG Colludes with SEIU Frontman on Press Release

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed suit against Papa Johns, cites SEIU Fast Food Forward front man Kendall Fells in press release

The SEIU has been working heavily to mandate unionization through “workers centers,” shell organizations funded by the union, to organize new members in a legal grey area. One such group, Fast Food Forward, has well documented ties to the SEIU and has worked as an organizing arm to push the union’s agenda. So it should not come as any surprise that former SEIU Representative and Fast Food Forward director Kendall Fells is involved with a lawsuit against a fast food chain. What is surprising is that he is so involved with the suit the New York Attorney General actually quotes Fells in a press release from their office (emphasis original):

“Fast-food workers all across the city and country are organizing for higher pay and union rights,” said Kendall Fells, organizing director of Fast Food Forward. “This suit shows why their campaign is so important. And it shows that Attorney General Schneiderman is serious about holding fast-food companies accountable for wage theft. Workers who make the minimum wage, or the even lower tipped minimum, cannot afford to have their employers stealing from their paychecks.”

Our blog has previously covered Kendall Fells’ strategy (and by extension that of the SEIU), leaked in a video posted online, to make the “fight for 15” minimum wage issue actually about unionization. Fells’ quote fits perfectly with his earlier statement, using minimum wages as a front to get access to employee’s pocketbooks through their mandatory dues checks.

But there is a serious ethical concern not only with Fells’ true motives, but with the amount of collusion between himself and the New York AG department:

If Fells was part of the AG’s investigative team and privy to legal actions before they became public, this taints the investigation with the stench of labor union organizing politics.

Unfortunately, the press release issued by the state’s Attorney General announcing a lawsuit and including an advocacy group’s comment lead a reasonable person to believe that there was collusion which may not have been lawful or ethical.

To say this press release stinks of collusion and shady lobbying between an SEIU front group and a legal office is an understatement. Towards that end, Americans for Limited Government is filing a FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) request seeking communications between Fells and the New York AG office. We will be keeping this blog updated with any findings from the inquiry.

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