Your HVAC system is what makes your living comfortable and convenient. However, the components which your HVAC is made of will likely develop some problems over time depending on several factors including how it was installed, the quality of materials they are made of, and most especially how you maintained it.  

HVAC damages can cause by different issues and one of which is a clogged, congested, and blocked air ducts. Overall, this problem can compromise the overall performance of your HVAC system, provides inconvenience, and causes higher energy consumption. Now you know how important it is to fix damages immediately. The air conditioning repair Markham is able to provide the service you need.  

Why does an air duct clog? 

When your air duct is clogged, the rooms inside the house will start to have different temperatures and a sudden increase in energy bills. When you do not provide an immediate response, your HVAC system will be needing to work overtime and harder in order to heat up and cool down your house., and this what causes in the increase of energy bill. This problem can occur because of the following reasons: there can be some wall hangings or furniture that cover the air vents, which prevents the cooling of the air and distributing the air around the house.  

It can also be caused by a dirty and clogged filter. When the dirt, dust, and other pollutant and particles start to accumulate on the filter, the cold air will not be able to pass through with ease. This is why cleaning the filter will be very important to maintain your HVAC system working and functional. When you already exhausted the full capacity of your filter, you may now need to replace it. It is recommended that you replace the filter once a month or more frequently, depending on how many you are in the house.  

Another reason for a clogged air duct is a loose seam or opening that hinders the proper airflow. When you are able to identify these, it is important to call your technician immediately. Also, make sure that you hire a trusted and reputable company for this purpose.  

What can we do for clogged air ducts? 

Dust, dirt, and other particles can never be stopped going into the HVAC system. However, you can prevent causing damage to your system such as cleaning the entire house, checking your house for water leakage, and checking the entire system of some damages that can also affect your HVAC system mas a whole.  

When you are noticing the signs, contact immediately the company you can trust and avail of a service. Your HVAC repair is not something that laymen can do; it needs professional help. Do not compromise the overall health of your HVAC system by doing all the work by yourself and not spending on repair services. Also, there is a need to do some research about reputable companies to avoid falling prey to some scams.  

Failure to fix immediately the problem will lead to more damages and repair costs in the future. So, make it a priority in the repair list.