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Demanding Money for Nothing

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spokesman-review 2Four non-members of SEIU have filed an unfair labor practice complaint against the union. The four, who work at a hospital in Washington State, say their jobs are being threatened for non-payment of dues during a nine-month gap between labor agreements.

Nonunion employees can’t be forced to pay dues if the union doesn’t have an active bargaining agreement in place, the [Right to Work] foundation’s attorneys said.

According to the complaint, the hospital and the union took a “contract hiatus” for nine months from July 2013 to April 2014. When a new contract was signed in April 2014, it purported to apply retroactively, the complaint said.

The union sent the employees letters, asking them to pay the back dues, according to the complaint. The hospital sent the employees emails this month, saying they would lose their jobs on May 28 if they didn’t pay the dues, the complaint said.

The union is demanding that one of the four pay about $3,000 in back dues.