As Predicted, SEIU Promotes Illegal Acts in Protest

seiu-fight-for-15-illegal-actsAt the Service Employees International Union’s Fast Food Forward organized “March for 15” minimum wage protest, SEIU members broke laws and were arrested.

In our previous article about their strike on fast food chains like McDonalds and Burger King, SEIU Monitor predicted that the SEIU would be using illegal acts to escalate their efforts to unionize the companies.

Not only was that prediction fulfilled in last Thursday’s protest, but the SEIU even had criminals to commit these illegal acts:

Thirty people were briefly taken into police custody after a minimum wage protest outside an east side McDonald’s got out of hand Thursday morning….
Detroit police say of the 30 people placed in handcuffs, 24 were ticketed for disorderly conduct and released. The remain six are being held because they have outstanding warrants, police said.

Despite attempts to inflate the numbers using astroturf health care workers to artificially inflate their numbers, their numbers still only numbered in the dozens in their dozens of protests:

Police handcuffed dozens of protesters who blocked traffic in dozens of cities across the country on Thursday in their latest attempt to escalate efforts to get McDonald’s, Burger King and other fast-food companies to pay employees at least $15 an hour.

In New York, 19 people were arrested on Thursday for blocking traffic, with at least three people wearing McDonald’s uniforms taken away by police officers after standing in the middle of a busy street near Times Square. About two dozen protesters were detained in Detroit after they wouldn’t move out of a street near a McDonald’s restaurant. Others were apprehended by police in Chicago, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami and Denver.

Ultimately, despite the moniker of “civil disobedience”, the SEIU planned and organized illegal acts that undermined their message and may have put customers in danger:

Rob Green, the executive director of the National Council of Chain Restaurants, criticized the sit-ins. “Encouraging activities that put both restaurant workers and their customers in danger of physical harm is not only irresponsible, it’s disturbing,” he said in a statement. “Unions are calling it ‘civil disobedience’ when in reality, this choreographed activity is trespassing and it’s illegal.”

As we have stated previously, these actions make the SEIU appear to be petulant and ineffective. Despite artificially inflating their numbers, very little long-term good has come of the protests. Despite millions of dollars being spent in organizing, there is little visible return for the SEIU’s actions. And above all, these actions significantly undermine the union’s case for providing the best conduit for their membership.

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