Anything for a Buck

Members of an SEIU local in Washington are submitting forms to opt out of the union, and they are being ignored while the union continues to collect dues.

The 2014 Supreme Court case, Harris v. Quinn, is the basis for much of the Freedom Foundation’s work against unions. The decision said home-care workers can opt out of paying dues…

According to the Freedom Foundation, SEIU 503 has fought against recognizing the decision.

Scott Roberts, freedom in action director at the Freedom Foundation, said several hundred opt out forms have been submitted to SEIU 503 since the foundation began working in Oregon. Members have faced difficulty having those forms recognized, he said, because the union has placed limitations on how and when opt out forms can be filed.

Jill Bakken, communications director at SEIU 503, said if opt out forms were submitted outside specific time windows, they would likely not be recognized.

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