Another SEIU Local Wants to Decertify

In just two days, over half of the members of an SEIU local in California signed onto an effort to decertify their union. Some members feel that they get very little for the money sent to SEIU, and some disagree with SEIU’s political views. The decertification campaign is being led by the SEIU local’s former president.

Former classified union president Danielle Nunes announced April 5 that the local workforce is fed up with paying thousands of dollars in annual dues to its Service International Employees Union brethren while getting little in return. The local unit has thus begun the process of decertification.

The local leader told Morgan Hill Unified School District staff and board of education trustees during the April 5 meeting that the 314-strong classified employee unit wants to seek representation from another union or form one amongst themselves.

“We pay $130,000 per year in union dues to SEIU San Jose and feel we don’t get any representation in exchange,” said Nunes, who served as chief steward for Local 521 for five years but is now devoting her time to lead the decertification movement. “This has been coming for a while.”

Nunes noted that she has already collected about 200 signatures from members in only two days for the needed 30 percent of its membership…

Nunes cited a lack of support from the San Jose unit, as well as differing political views, as major reasons for their push to decertify from SEIU 521…

Nunes said that the San Jose office is aware of Morgan Hill’s intention to decertify and, since learning about it, has attempted to become more active in South County. But it is “classic day late, dollar short,” Nunes said.

The local unit, which would remain independent for one year before finding another bargaining union to join, is not the first to decertify from the union.

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