The Spokesman-Review Opposes SEIU’s Initiative

Dirty tactics 0

The editorial board of The Spokesman-Review, one of the largest newspapers in the State of Washington, opposes SEIU’s initiative designed to keep the Freedom Foundation from getting a list of SEIU’s caregiver members. The union opposes the foundation’s efforts to inform union members that the Supreme Court decided that they do not have to belong to the union or pay dues to it. Of course, rather than being honest about the purpose of the initiative, the union is trying to disguise it as a measure to protect the elderly from identity theft.

A libertarian think tank wants to contact home-health-care workers to let them know they have the right to leave their union and stop paying dues, thanks to a 2014 U.S. Supreme Court ruling. The union, Service Employees International Union, doesn’t like this, so it wants an exemption to the Public Records Act that would keep workers’ information under wraps.

That’s the back story of Initiative 1501, which would give seniors and other vulnerable adults more protections against identity theft while altering the public records law. SEIU and the Freedom Foundation have been waging this fight for two years. The initiative’s added protections for seniors look to be sweetener to achieve the real goal.

The American Association of Retired Persons says there are ways to protect seniors without touching the public records law. AARP will be advocating for a bill in the Legislature. That’s a better way to go, so vote no.