SEIU Loses Badly

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Princeton graduate students recently had an election to determine whether to affiliate their student union with the American Federation of Teachers or SEIU. Overwhelmingly, the students chose the AFT.

On Oct. 18, University graduate students gathered in McCosh 62 and voted to affiliate the emergent Princeton Graduate Student Union with the American Federation of Teachers, a national union specializing in education. AFT received 77.1 percent of the vote, winning by a significant margin over the PGSU’s other option, the Service Employees International Union, a more generalized national union that emphasizes political solidarity and currently represents service workers at the University…

AFT also generally grants local affiliated chapters more autonomy than SEIU does and it is less inclined to have official political stances, which many students at the town hall meeting on Oct. 11 worried would alienate students with differing political beliefs from participating in PGSU.