SEIU Harasses Care Provider and Elderly Client

Dirty tactics 1

An experienced personal care assistant in Connecticut, along with her very elderly client, is being harassed by SEIU because the woman refused to join the union.

Pauline has worked as a personal care attendant for more than 20 years through different non-profit agencies. Despite her experience, this past June she had to attend a state-mandated PCA orientation or risk losing her job…

Part of the orientation is a 30-minute “union-only” session of the training, during which members SEIU 1199 organizers discuss workers’ rights and the benefits of joining a union. The union then tries to get PCAs to sign union cards to join the SEIU 1199 and start paying dues.

Pauline refused to sign the card and that was when the trouble started.

“They started calling two, three times a day,” Pauline said. Individuals who would not give their names asked her why she didn’t sign the card. “They’re calling at 10 o’clock at night. That is not the way you approach people,” Pauline said.

What’s worse – and possibly dangerous – is that the phone calls are not going to Pauline’s personal phone but rather the home of her 89-year-old client, who recently suffered two strokes. “I said, ‘You’re waking up the client, stop!’ Then they hung up the phone again.”

Pauline said her client attempts to get out of bed and answer the phone by herself, which could be dangerous because she is unable to walk unassisted. Pauline also has no idea how the pro-union callers got the phone number of her client. “They’re scaring her,” Pauline said…

Pauline claims other PCAs have experienced similar situations but are afraid they will lose their jobs if they come forward. Some have threatened to call the police. “This is harassment,” she said.