SEIU Does Not Care about Students

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orlando sentinel

SEIU wants to allow insufficiently-trained school district employees to deal with special needs students. Contract negotiations between SEIU and the district have drug on for more than a year.

A special magistrate will hear arguments from the district and Service Employees International Union in a disagreement stemming from issues of seniority. District officials want bids for summer work to be merit-based as opposed to the union’s desire for bidding to be based on seniority.

When bidding on summer work, such as washing buses or driving summer bus routes, employees are able to bid on specific jobs. Some jobs, such as exceptional-student-education routes, require a driver and a monitor with specialized training.

The district supports a merit-based system to avoid a situation in which a driver with seniority but not proper exceptional-student-education training could bid on monitor position and get it over a newer monitor with proper training, district spokeswoman Sherri Owens has said.