Funding Liberal Causes

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watchdog newsSEIU spent about $30 million on politics last year.

Political activism cost the shrinking Service Employees International Union more than $30 million last year.

To bring in new dues-paying members, SEIU spent millions of dollars in member dues on the union’s Fight for $15 campaign and lobbying for legalization of illegal immigrants.

In SEIU’s 2015 disclosure to the U.S. Department of Labor, the union reported $27.7 million in political activities and lobbying expenditures. Another $2.5 million in expenditures reported as “Contributions, Gifts and Grants” went to expressly political nonprofits.

Arizona-based Mi Familia Vota received $1.1 million from SEIU last year. SEIU donated $100,000 to National Immigration Forum, $50,000 to National Immigration Law Center, $50,000 to Voto Latino and $25,000 to National Immigration Forum Action Fund.

As in previous years, SEIU devoted millions of dollars in member dues to pet causes of — and far-left activist groups connected to — SEIU leadership in Washington, D.C., in 2015. Much of this spending was not reported as political.

SEIU “Contributions, Gifts and Grants” included $500,000 to leftist grant-making nonprofit See Forward Fund and $120,000 to the secretive Democracy Alliance. A separate $25,000 payment to Democracy Alliance’s Committee on States project was reported as a political expenditure.

Center for American Progress Action fund received $318,315 from SEIU that the union reported to the Department of Labor as political activity, plus an $85,000 donation that was not reported as political.

A $150,000 payment to Tides Foundation and contributions of $100,000 each to American Bridge 21st Century and State Innovation Exchange were reported as political. So were $50,000 contributions to leftist groups Color of Change, Americans United for Change, and Progressive Congress.

Dozens of donations to other progressive groups — including $200,000 to New World Foundation, $100,000 to Center for Community Change Action and $25,000 to former MSNBC host Al Sharpton’s National Action Network — were not reported as political activity.