SEIU Boss Accused of Assault

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kpix cbs san francisco bay areaA powerful SEIU boss appears to have an anger management problem. He’s accused of pushing a process server down some steps causing injury. It’s also alleged that the union thug tried to intimidate a police officer who showed up to investigate the matter.

The vice president of a union representing two million members has been accused of assaulting a process server at his Kensington home, and intimidating a police officer investigating the incident.

Dave Regan is accused of pushing a process server down the steps of his Kensington home, refusing to be served legal documents in a dispute with the California Hospital Association.

Police say the server was injured and had to have medical treatment…

Kensington police Chief Kevin Hart says the case is now headed to the District Attorney’s office…

In 2008, Regan was at a now notorious labor meeting in Michigan that erupted into violence. In 1995, police in Ohio arrested him for disorderly conduct.