Paying the Price

Union Mismanagement 0

the olympianBecause two SEIU units failed to follow the law in Washington State, they are having to pay tens of thousands of dollars. One of the units failed to report well over $1 million in political contributions.

A second unit of Service Employees International Union has settled a lawsuit by the state over campaign-disclosure omissions.

…Child-care workers union SEIU 925 agreed to pay $31,715 and its political committee to pay another $4,500, Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s office said…

Ferguson’s lawsuit contended the union had failed to report cash and in-kind contributions made from its treasury to its political committee…

A unit of SEIU that represents home health care workers settled last month, agreeing to pay more than $43,000 from its treasury and political committee.



Investigating a complaint from the Freedom Foundation, a conservative critic of unions, [state Attorney General Bob] Ferguson’s office concluded SEIU 775 NW and its political committee “failed to properly file reports of both in-kind and cash contributions,” the attorney general’s office said in a news release.

The office sued in September, accusing the union of failing to report more than $1.3 million it contributed to its own political committee. The committee did report receiving those donations. But neither side reported the value of services the union provided the committee, including staff time and office space, according to the lawsuit.