Union Not Needed  

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seattle times 2A University of Washington professor explains why his university does not need SEIU.

UW chemistry professor Paul Hopkins, an opponent [of unionization], said there are no other universities of the UW’s caliber where tenure-track professors are unionized. “You need a very strong argument to become unionized when there’s no precedent for it,” he said.

Hopkins and computer-science professor Ed Lazowska penned an argument against unionizing that’s been endorsed by more than 150 professors on a website, UW Excellence.

Lazowska said UW faculty members have a huge degree of autonomy and self-governance, and the administration is largely homegrown. “On balance, this simply doesn’t seem to be an environment where the possible benefits of unionization outweigh the likely drawbacks,” he said in an email.

Hopkins said he wanted to make it clear that they respect the role labor unions have played in protecting people who don’t have a voice. But most faculty at the UW “have a very, very strong voice,” he said.