“Shame on you, SEIU”

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reporterA California newspaper denounced SEIU after union members who work for Solano County chose to strike rather than do their jobs and help homeless veterans.

The goal of the strike remains unclear since there is still no agreement and discussions have yet to continue.

Continuing the discussion about a labor agreement that assuredly calls for a comprise is the only way for a resolution. .

In the meantime there has been some collateral damage — the community that those employees serve.

Just this week Supervisor Jim Spering pointed out that those on a fixed income, those without other options, they are the ones being punished.

One only need look to the three-day North Bay Stand Down in Dixon that lends a hand to homeless and at risk veterans.

You know, those that have fought for that freedom for union members to call a strike.

The strike landed on two of those days. Employees scheduled to help at the event were no-shows…

Shame on you, SEIU.