Woman Finally Escapes SEIU

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watchdog newsA personal care assistant and frustrated union supporter finally figures out how to stop SEIU dues deductions.

Renee Katz has one question for the Service Employees International Union: What part of “no” don’t you understand?

“I can’t get out of it. They want me to now do some letter and certify mail it. They didn’t certify mail anything to me. And then every time I call or email, they try to talk me into staying,” said Katz.

The Oakdale mother works part-time as a personal care assistant for her special needs daughter and other care recipients through subsidized programs designed to avoid institutionalized care. She was outraged to learn 3 percent of their gross wages would be taken for dues for a union she didn’t realized she joined.

Her hard-line response stands out because Katz comes from a pro-union family.

“We’re a huge union family. My husband’s union is wonderful,” Katz said. “… It’s not that I don’t believe in unions. It’s just not right for me. I don’t want to be part of the union, I don’t need it.” …

Katz turned to a different opt-out option. The care recipients she helps have since switched to another state plan, under which PCAs cannot be union members, due to employment laws.

“They (care recipients) didn’t want to deal with the union. They didn’t want them calling anymore, they didn’t want them hounding them,” said [agency owner Dena] Belisle. “And they believe that their salary and tracking information the union wants, their address, their phone numbers and everything else, they don’t believe they (unions) have a right to them.”