Union Shrinks, Union Boss’s Pay Grows

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michigan capitol confidential 3In 2008, SEIU Healthcare Michigan had 53,533 members and collected dues and fees of $10,497,917. In 2014, the union had 10,728 members and collected dues and fees of $5,398,383. As membership and revenue plummeted, the union president’s pay rose by over 46%.

SEIU Healthcare Michigan disclosure reports over the years identified several officials receiving six-figure and high five-figure salaries. In 2008, union President Marge Robinson (formerly Marge Faville) collected a base salary of $122,700 and $133,987 overall. The amounts varied in subsequent years but the trend was generally upward.

By 2013, the union president’s base salary was $188,208, and the total amount she was paid was $199,859. In 2014 Robinson’s base salary was $183,781, and her total pay was $196,195.