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the recorderSEIU called a strike against a Massachusetts mental health care provider, but over 70% of union members ignored the strike and went to work anyway.

Last-minute contract negotiations failed Tuesday night and unionized employees of mental health care provider Clinical and Support Options went on strike Wednesday morning.

Negotiations for a new three-year contract began in October and the union and administration have been at loggerheads over pay, benefits, reimbursement and productivity requirements.

Striking workers picketed Wednesday at locations in Greenfield and the other towns where CSO is a major mental health care provider, but many went to work as usual — a result of intimidation, according to strikers.

CSO President and CEO Karin Jeffers said all facilities continued to function Wednesday. Jeffers said a little over 70 percent of union workers came in to work, and the difference was made up with administrators and relief workers. “We really appreciate our workers that have continued to serve our clients and we hope we have a contract settled in the very near future,” Jeffers said.