Lobbying for More Forced Dues

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sacramento beeSEIU has been lobbying for an opportunity to unionize 70,000 child care workers in California.

Last month, McMillan testified in favor of legislation by Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León and Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins that would add California to the 11 states that have collective bargaining for licensed and license-exempt child care providers. The idea this month was also folded into budget proposals by both houses.

It’s unknown how many providers would be covered. The Service Employees International Union, which is pushing the proposal, estimates there are about 70,000. Once established, a union would negotiate rates, payment terms and other conditions with the nonprofit agencies and other entities that contract with the providers.

“Here we have a sector of workers that serves as a backbone for the working poor to help lift themselves out of poverty but … can’t provide for their own families,” said Mary Gutierrez Khopkar, SEIU’s child care campaign director.