Harassment of McDonald’s Continues

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washington free beaconNot content with using the NLRB and OSHA to harass McDonalds, SEIU is now trying to harass the company with an FTC investigation claiming that the company is “abusive and predatory” toward its franchisees.

Aloysius Hogan, a labor policy expert at the free-market think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute, said the FTC complaint represents a new direction for the campaign. Rather than trying to turn workers against their employers, it seeks to turn franchisees against their parent companies.

“Today’s set of allegations against franchisors is aimed at weakening the franchise business model—the ability to set the terms of franchise agreements and requirements,” Hogan said in a statement. “Already, in another action aimed purely at increasing labor union power, union special interests have pending legal action against franchisors to make them and franchisees jointly liable for employment-related policies. Thousands of small businesses and jobs are at risk.”

The FTC did not respond to request for comment.

[International Franchise Association president Steve] Caldeira pointed to a recent survey that found the majority of franchisees are happy with their arrangements and questioned whether the union actually had the interests of small business leaders in mind when it filed the petition.

“The SEIU’s petition amounts to nothing more than asking the FTC to develop a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist,” Caldeira said. “Franchisees are highly satisfied, they have a high level of trust in their franchisors.”