Breaking the Law

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the guardianSEIU organized a protest in favor of a California bill to allow the unionization of child care workers. Fourteen were arrested for blocking traffic.

Fourteen women were arrested for blocking an intersection in front of California’s State Capitol building in Sacramento on Wednesday in an act of pre-planned civil disobedience supporting a proposed law that would examine standards for daycare in the state and allow workers to unionize…

California has about 65,000 childcare providers. Many of those are home-based operations where caretakers have little formal training in early childhood education and work long hours for low wages…

None of the women detained by police were childcare providers, according to organizer Roberto De La Cruz. Under California licensing requirements a childcare worker could be fired for an arrest, he said. So event organizers including the union SEIU – also a major force behind the fast food workers’ movement – asked activists, friends and family to stand in for providers.