Neither Practicality nor Law Matters to SEIU

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wesaSEIU pushed for a Pittsburgh ordinance requiring security guards receive training. Unfortunately, no such training programs exist, and the ordinance may violate state law.

Attorney Gregory Evashavik, who represents the Building Owners and Managers Association of Pittsburgh, said that language won’t protect the city from potential lawsuits.

“These mandates and this ordinance are an obvious direct violation of the Home Rule Charter law,” Evashavik said. “You cannot circumvent this prohibition. This ordinance is illegal. This ordinance will not withstand a legal challenge. I urge you to not vote for this ordinance.”

Evashavik said he will have to talk to his client, but he does anticipate a legal challenge to the ordinance.

Dennis Lejeck, president of Black Knight Security, which according to its website specializes “in security for high-rise and high-occupancy buildings, said the 40-hour training requirement is simply not feasible within the mandated 60-day timeline.

“For ease of math, let’s just say that there’s 1,000 security officers employed in the city of Pittsburgh. I know there’s more than that, but for ease of math let’s say there’s 1,000 security officers employed here. That’s 40,000 hours worth of training that have to be done in three months by a certified training school, of which presently there are none,” Lejeck said.