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washington free beaconSEIU is complaining about the Koch brothers’ investments in education even though SEIU also spends money on academia.

SEIU Local 500 hosted “Educate. Agitate. Organize: Empowering Contingent Faculty to Reclaim Academic Citizenship,” in April, a conference of part-time faculty members interested in organization and advocacy. The conference singled out Charles and David Koch, who have given millions to academic institutions, for criticism…

Samantha Parsons, head of the George Mason University chapter of UnKoch My Campus, held a panel dedicated to opposition research on the billionaire brothers. Kicking the Kochs off-campus would help eliminate the influence of free market ideals in American politics, according to Parsons’ panel description…

The Kochs are not the only ones who have used donations to fund academic positions and studies. SEIU and the Center for American Progress paid the University of Wisconsin nearly $120,000 to fund a “think and do tank” that has been used to provide local labor organizers with intellectual ammunition in political debates, including the minimum wage. The Center on Wisconsin Strategy has written liberal policy guides and academic studies directly influenced by the Washington D.C.-based SEIU Local 32BJ.

“Local 32BJ is engaging COWS to research, develop and advance a progressive local policy agenda for U.S. Municipalities and counties, to be used by COWS, Local 32BJ and the Center for American Progress,” the contract said. “The precise policies to be included in the report will be decided upon by COWS in consultation with Local 32BJ.”

Other labor groups have also used large donations to purchase professorships. The Restaurant Opportunities Center, a union affiliate, and its allies paid UC Berkeley a six-figure sum to hire its c0-director, Saru Jayaraman. Jayaraman has used the academic post to push out research that directly benefits the agenda of her organization and union allies.