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Although McDonald’s just announced that it would be hiking pay and improving benefits at its company-owned stores, Kendall Fells was still unhappy.

“There’s still millions of families in poverty due to McDonald’s not raising to $15,” said Kendall Fells, the campaign’s organizing director. “We’re going to show McDonald’s this movement won’t stop until we get what we deserve.”

Fells called the wage hike “a publicity stunt” and “laughable.”

His organization, Fight for 15, planned to display its ungratefulness for the wage hikes with protests the day after McDonald’s announcement.

The “Fight for $15” movement, which has union backing, has staged protests against McDonald’s and other fast-food chains since 2012. Earlier this week, the group said it was planning fast-food strikes and protests across the U.S. on April 15. That plan didn’t change with McDonald’s pay pledge on Wednesday. In fact, the groups said they will protest outside McDonald’s locations on Thursday to criticize the company for not going far enough.

“It’s clear the real reason McDonald’s is doing this is because workers have been going on strike for over two years,” Kendall Fells, the organizing director of Fight for $15, said on a conference call. “This isn’t enough, and workers will keep striking until they get $15 and a union.”

For his troublemaking, Fells makes receives nearly $140,000 per year from SEIU.