Money to Burn

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washington free beaconSEIU spends one out of three dollars it collects from its members on politics and overhead.

Labor giant SEIU spent more than $100 million on union overhead and political activities in 2014, according to federal labor filings released Tuesday evening.

The union collected about $320 million from its 1.8 million members, who are primarily government employees and health care workers. For every $3 that a union member contributed to its coffers, $1 went to functions outside of membership services.

The union spent about $55 million paying union administrators and covering overhead costs, including more than $276,000 to president Mary Kay Henry…

The union spent about $48 million on “political activities and lobbying” on the year. It was the seventh biggest spender at the federal level, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, with all the money going to support Democratic candidates and associated liberal campaign apparatus…

The union dedicated resources to helping stir up public protests against fast food franchises. It pumped at least $14 million into the Fight for $15 movement, which seeks to dramatically increase wages for fast food workers. The money was disbursed into a front group called Fast Food Forward as well as regional organizing committees that staged protests outside of restaurants like McDonald’s over the past few years. Those contributions do not include the $1.3 million SEIU gave to Democratic PR powerhouse Berlin Rosen to promote its wage increase agenda…

The SEIU has also steered resources toward liberal think tanks, which have served as clearinghouses for studies and legal theories supporting union positions.

It sent $150,000 to the Economic Policy Institute and $195,510 to the National Employment Law Project, which have also received largesse from the Democracy Alliance.