Big Money from Big Labor

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SEIU gave $250,000 to a 501(c)(4) slush fund that paid for much of New York Mayor Bill deBlasio’s recent trip to Iowa and Nebraska. The funding organization, Campaign for One New York, is led by BerlinRosin. BerlinRosin is also being paid by SEIU to help with public relations for its Fight for 15 campaign.

Rather than staffers from City Hall, former campaign consultant John Del Cecato of AKPD — the firm behind the popular Dante de Blasio campaign ad in 2013 — accompanied the mayor to the Midwest.

“We’re very disappointed to see the mayor ramping up his unacceptable fund-raising activities,” said Susan Lerner, director of the government watchdog group Common Cause New York.

“If it is a city purpose, it should be billed as a city trip, and not fall on wealthy special-interest groups to pay for it,” she added. “Wealthy special interest groups want something from the mayor and want something from the city: There is no free lunch.”

And SEIU’s gift to deBlasio is just the tip of the iceberg; SEIU spends hundreds of millions of dollars on liberal politics.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics the SEIU are the largest campaign contributor to any party, giving $220.6 million to political candidates, with 99% going to Democrats.