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kpccThanks to SEIU’s lobbying, a failing California hospital chain faces an uncertain future, as do its employees and communities. Although Prime Health Care has a proven record of turning around failing hospitals, SEIU bitterly opposed Prime’s effort to purchase the hospital chain. In the end, the liberal state attorney general, Kamala Harris, approved the sale of the hospitals but included so many conditions – more than 300 of them which filled 78 pages– that Prime backed away from the deal.

The hospital chain may be forced into bankruptcy. It is already running short on cash.

Having done everything it could to scuttle the sale of the chain to the best buyer, now SEIU claims it hopes to work “constructively” with the chain to find a solution. Of course, it might be difficult for SEIU to work with the chain due to the fact that the chain is suing SEIU for interfering with its sale to Prime. The hospital chain alleges that SEIU tried to get bidders to drop out or lower their bids, which could have helped the union’s preferred bidder.

According to Daughters of Charity, Blue Wolf used SEIU officers to contact competing bidders, dissuading them from participating in the bidding process or causing them to submit lower bids or drop out of the sale process as a result of the SEIU’s communications. According to the complaint, the SEIU officers told other bidders directly to drop out because Blue Wolf was the SEIU’s selection and the only viable bidder.