Vet Stands Up to SEIU

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pittsburghpostgazetteWhile many bosses quickly cave to unions, one Pittsburgh business owner is standing up to SEIU, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports. Dennis Lejeck, an Army veteran, spent the last several years turning around a security business that operates in four states. He offers his employees generous benefits, doesn’t believe that SEIU would be beneficial to his company or his customers, and has urged his employees to reject the union.

It took five years for Dennis Lejeck to turn around the security business that nearly cost him everything in 2009.

Last year, Black Knight Security, based in the West End, brought in $3 million in revenue. A small portion of that, he said, was profit.

So when the Service Employees International Union Local 32BJ approached Mr. Lejeck to sign a neutrality agreement saying he would not oppose the union from organizing his workers, he would not even return their calls. He said he doesn’t want a third party involved in his relationship with his employees.

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