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NRTWLegalDefenseFoundationSEIU has once again been caught picking the pockets of California security guards who do not wish to be a part of SEIU, reports National Right to Work Lega Defense Foundation:

With free legal assistance from National Right to Work Foundation staff attorneys, Universal Protection Service security guard Daniel Ozabuki filed an unfair labor practice charge for himself and seven other guards against the union alleging a litany of rights abuses…

Ozabuki and at least four other security guards have refrained from union membership for several years. In February 2012, some of the then-Guard Maintenance Services workers reached a settlement with SEIU officials regarding an earlier round of charges. The settlement required that union officials allow nonmember workers to opt out of paying for union activities unrelated to workplace bargaining.

However, since SEIU officials entered into a contract with Universal Protection, union officials have again forced the workers into full dues payments despite the workers’ repeated attempts to refrain.

Three additional workers have detailed how SEIU officials kept them in the dark about their right to refrain from formal union membership and full dues payments.

The NLRB now has found merit to the workers’ charges and issued a complaint against the SEIU officials.